Buy the Best Forex Solo Ad Traffic

Forex Solo ad traffic is a form of media buying where you target your offer to a list that has already been built by another marketer. Forex Solo ads can provide the best form of targeted traffic  so you can realise highest rate of return on investment.

One of the hurdles that forex media buyers encounter is a lack of consistent quality for solo ads..  Given that solo ads are sourced from multiple vendors, the reputation of one vendors traffic cannot be used to make a buying decision on the next solos vendor.

To over come this constraint.. there is a way to weed out the wannabes and remain with decent providers

  1. Testimonials – a good word on a marketers forum like warrior forum is worth much more in your buying decision. it could save you time and also make you money.
  2. Social Profile(s) – when you write an email to the vendor and they reply, you can always google their name or website and see if they appear anywhere else on the web.. and what their reputation is like
  3. Leaderboards – whenever there is a big launch.. if a vendor appears any where on the leaderboard then its a good indication that they have quality lists that you might be interested to target your offers on.
  4. Reference – This might sound cliche but always ask for reference, and mostly ask for skype users reference you can tell the kind of a vendor one is by the friends he keeps.
  5. Proof – Ask for screenshots on previous mails.. they tell you a ton of things like.. what can a vendor deliver in a reasonable time, how engaged are their lists..  the fresher the lists, the higher the responsiveness and the more the likelihood to get a good return on your promotion

All in all communication is key. do not be afraid always ask question that will help you in your buying decision. For a good start and for continued flourishing of your business Buy Forex Solo Ads as recommended by Mike N